Are you ready to start the 30-Day Challenge?

Breakthrough the limiting beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back and replace them with new, healthy habits that will help you get realistic, sustainable results that last, long-term.

The 30-Day Kickstart is a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle coaching programme that will help you lose between half and one stone in the next 30 days, without the need to count calories, points or weigh and measure your food (tried and tested by over 100 real people who've successfully lost half to one stone using this programme).

This programme will show you exactly what to eat and when to eat it for safe, rapid results and is a great way to give yourself the kickstart you need towards living a healthier, more active lifestyle.

It is also an excellent warm up for The 90-Day Mind & Body Transformation programme, that will help you build upon your initial success and make lasting changes to your mind and body and achieve longer-term goals.

This programme is available in person for local clients, or online for international clients.

what you get when you sign up

3-Hour Discovery Session

  • Identify limiting beliefs and destructive behaviours
  • Set specific, measurable goals
  • Uncover your true motivation
  • Discover why willpower won't help you lose weight, long-term

Lifetime access to the Private Online Coaching Area

  •  6 coaching videos based on my Think Food Move weight loss system
  • Interactive worksheets for behavioural change coaching and habit formation
  • 30 days worth of done-for-you meal planners to follow
  • Recipes, resources, ingredients lists and preparation guidelines

2 x 1-Hour Weekly Coaching Sessions With Olly

  • 8 x 1-hour workout sessions with Olly at his private studio in Hampshire
  • Individualised exercise programmes based on your goals

2-Hour Results & Planning Session

  • Final measurements and weigh in
  • Progress review
  • Troubleshooting
  • Continuation planning or the future and continued results

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