Nut Gems

We serve these delicious, gluten free treats at our workshops and residential experiences and they're always a massive hit, with adults and kids alike.

So much so that when you put a full plate on the table in front of a group of hungry movers and turn your back to do something, when you look round again, they've all gone.

Quick, easy, delicious and body fat percentage friendly!


1 1/3 cups ground almonds
1 1/3 cups dessicated coconut
½ tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp salt
small grating of nutmeg
1 large egg
½ cup Coconut milk
3 tbsps dried currents
3 tbsps maple syrup
½ tsp vanilla extract


  • Preheat oven to 160 degrees C

  • In a bowl mix almonds, coconut, baking powder, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg

  • In a small bowl mix currants, egg, coconut milk, maple syrup and vanilla extract. Combine with dry mixture and stir well

  • Drop rounded tablespoons onto greased baking tray and flatten into biscuit shapes

  • Bake in oven for 10-15 minutes (but check after 8 minutes) until golden

Thoughts from my MORNING STUDY #TFMMS 74

How empty is your cup?

Are you open and humble enough to listen and willing to learn from others, especially if they've achieved something you're trying to in life?

Or do you nod and say "mm hmm", all the while thinking that you already know better.

You have all of the answers.

Are you an active listener and able to give other people your full attention, or do you wait for the next gap in conversation to put across your point of view, your take on the world?

Are you in love with the sound of your own voice and your own ideas?

Listening and learning are skills that require you to empty your cup and let go of the "knowledge" you think you have.

Creating real change in your life is not meant to be easy.

Approach new situations with the curiosity and playfulness of a child and the humility of a bodhisattva.

As OSHO said, "playfulness is a measure of intelligence."

Don't get bogged down in theories and details, procrastination and discussion.

Breathing is easy. The sun shines. Sometimes it rains. People are born and people die.

If you're confused, down, lost or feeling flat, then zoom out and realise that you're a tiny cog in a big fuc*ig wheel.

You don't need to understand it all.

Resist complexity and strive for simplicity.

Enjoy the gift that is the present.

Stay open, stay humble and retain your wonder for the miracle of life and the world around you.

And remember that the wisest teachers often come in DISGUISE, when you're least expecting them.

Make sure you're paying attention or else you might miss something special.

They're the quiet ones who don't try and shout their message from the rooftops.

They're not after short-term sensationalism and reaction.

Life is a journey, we're all in this together and NO ONE has all of the answers.

Perfection is an empty promise that you'll waste your life trying to achieve.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

P.S. I know I've posted this before.

It's likely that I'll post it many more times too. I know it's short and you've seen it before, but did you pay attention?

Especially from 1 min 30 sec onwards...

Thoughts from my MORNING STUDY ‪#‎TFMMS‬ 73

Your message is important.

The world needs common sense and leadership, now more than ever.

There is value in YOUR life experience - the good and especially the bad - that may just help one other person in real need, someone struggling with something that you've overcome.

Remember the times when you needed to hear a voice or see a glimpse of light in the darkness?

Where a small gesture or kind word tipped the balance and got you back on track, or simply planted a seed in your mind.

Just as you needed a helping hand at some point, you too can be the lighthouse in the storm.

And remember, all problems are relative.

As long as you remain authentic and actually share from a place of honesty and openness, what you have to say will be well received.

Some people will dismiss and judge the message and the carrier, but that is fine.

They're either not ready to hear it, don't need it, or too scared to accept it and fight back because it highlights the inadequacies and lack in their own life.

Some people will criticise and attack you but that is also fine.

Each to their own and we must all learn to tolerate and respect other people's opinions and points of view (doesn't mean you have to agree though).

The only way you can set yourself up for failure is if you lie to people and manipulate the truth.

People can smell BS a mile away and that is one thing the world does not need any more of.

So be Real, Raw and Relevant and let the chips fall where they may.

If you can help one person change their life, then your work is done.

Thoughts From My Morning Study #TFMMS 72

Do you know where you're heading?

Do you have a big goal, dream or purpose in your life that guides you, energises you and gets you out of bed in the morning?

Lack of energy and motivation can often come from a lack of purpose and lack of direction.

It's not always about food and fitness, stress and sleep.

Everything starts in the mind, with your MINDSET.

And mindset starts with knowing who you are and what you want.

If you don't have a clear direction or mission, then it's hard to know what you want out of life, what you stand for and what you should prioritise.

As Paul Chek says, "If you don't have a dream, then any crisis will do."

Or as my Mum always says, "you'll be like a fart in a colander. You won't know which hole to come out of."

Humour aside, getting clear on your big goal, dream, mission or purpose is one of the most important things you can do.

Many people will read this and dismiss it as fluffy, motivational bullsh*t but that is most likely because finding out what you want in life and where you want to go is HARD.

It requires time, work and energy (something that people tell themselves they don't have enough of).

This is what I mean when I say you're lying to yourself, telling yourself false stories about what you can and can't achieve, be, have, do in life.

INVEST time in finding out where you're headed, so that you can build a map or blueprint to get you to your destination.

You made the choices that got you into the current situation.

No one else forced you into the life you now live.

If you want things to change...

Stop making excuses.

Empty your cup and stop thinking you know better all of the time.

DO the WORK and MAKE the TIME.

Otherwise you run the risk of being a victim of circumstances and events, instead of being the master of your own fate.

Life will happen to you and pass you by and you'll be left wondering, what if.

Working out what you want in life is easier than you think.

No one is asking you to have all of the answers and find the meaning of life.

There's a strong argument to say that by searching for the meaning of life, maybe you miss the point of life...

You don't have to re-invent the wheel or solve world hunger.

You don't have to do anything.

And you can always adjust course once you get started.

Your goals and dreams should evolve and grow, as you do.

The goal posts will move and your priorities in life will change.

No one is asking you to find the Holy Grail.

Remove the performance anxiety of having to be perfect.

There is no such thing.

Start small and flex your goal setting muscles and then, as you gain confidence and success, you can think bigger.

Just don't wait any longer for someone else to tell you what you should want in life.

Find out for yourself and, if you screw up, shrug it off, start again and learn from the experience.

Protein Packed Green Smoothie

Although your goal is to eat Real Food, instead of relying on supplements, there are times when life is just too busy, and you need to grab a quick, nutritious meal, “on the go”.

Try this protein-packed green smoothie recipe, packed with “good carbs”, phytonutrients (good stuff in plants), anti-oxidants, high-quality protein, and healthy fats.

Protein-Packed Green Smoothie (5 mins prep time)

If, like me, you're busy in the morning with clients, kids, work, you can prepare some of the ingredients the night before, cutting down the preparation time to 2 mins.

Generally, I will rinse the kale or spinach and put it into the Nutri-Bullet cup the night before, along with half and avocado and half a banana. In the morning, all that is left is to add some frozen berries, almond milk, protein powder, top up with water and blitz.

You can then take it with you and drink it on the go. So, lack of time and being "busy" is no longer a valid excuse.

You will need the following ingredients, and equipment to enjoy this smoothie:

  1. High-powered, compact blender (I like the Nutri-Bullet, because it is awesome, quick to clean, and makes life easier)
  2. 2-3 scoops of Sun Warrior Classic Protein Powder (vanilla or chocolate)
  3. Raw Kale, Spinach or leafy greens (unless you have an under-active thyroid, in which case it is best to avoid raw cruciferous veggies)
  4. Large handful of organic or homegrown blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc.
  5. Small squeeze of lemon juice (optional to neutralise the green veggie taste, which some people make a fuss about)
  6. Half an avocado
  7. Small chunk of peeled, raw root ginger (optional)
  8. Unsweetened Almond milk (optional)
  9. Half a banana (optionally increase to a whole banana if just after exercise)
  10. 1-2 tsp raw Almond Nut Butter  (optional to bump up fat content and Meridian is a good brand)
  11. Filtered water

Preparation guidelines

  1. Thoroughly wash the raw kale or spinach in a colander, and rinse the berries in clean water in a sieve. Set to one side and allow to drain
  2. Cut an avocado in half, leaving the stone in the other half to keep it fresh for later use
  3. Take the large cup from the Nutri-Bullet and fill about a quarter full with the kale or spinach
  4. Add half a banana, half an avocado, couple of good handfuls of berries (squash it all down if, like me, you always overfill the cup)
  5. Add 1-2 tsp of raw Almond butter, as desired, and a small squeeze of lemon juice
  6. Add a small chunk of raw root ginger (peeled and optional to taste)
  7. Add 150 ml of unsweetened Almond milk (optional, and you can just use water instead if preferred)
  8. Top up with filtered water to the max line on the cup
  9. Add 2-3 scoops of Sun Warrior Classic protein powder on top (16 g of protein per scoop means you need at least 2 for a meal. Don’t skimp)!!
  10. Screw on the blades / lid, and blend until thoroughly “smoothied”
  11. Unscrew blades, and enjoy at your desk, in the car, as a post workout shake…

You’ll probably need to experiment with ingredients to find the perfect recipe for you, so that you find something you really enjoy, and that is quick to make. Just remember to include plenty of good carbs, high-quality protein, and healthy fats for a balanced meal.

Be careful not to overfill the cup too much, as you’ll leave less room for water, and find that the smoothie is like cement, and hard to drink. In this situation, a spoon is best employed to transfer the smoothie to your mouth!


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