Thoughts from my MORNING STUDY ‪#‎TFMMS‬ 73

Your message is important.

The world needs common sense and leadership, now more than ever.

There is value in YOUR life experience - the good and especially the bad - that may just help one other person in real need, someone struggling with something that you've overcome.

Remember the times when you needed to hear a voice or see a glimpse of light in the darkness?

Where a small gesture or kind word tipped the balance and got you back on track, or simply planted a seed in your mind.

Just as you needed a helping hand at some point, you too can be the lighthouse in the storm.

And remember, all problems are relative.

As long as you remain authentic and actually share from a place of honesty and openness, what you have to say will be well received.

Some people will dismiss and judge the message and the carrier, but that is fine.

They're either not ready to hear it, don't need it, or too scared to accept it and fight back because it highlights the inadequacies and lack in their own life.

Some people will criticise and attack you but that is also fine.

Each to their own and we must all learn to tolerate and respect other people's opinions and points of view (doesn't mean you have to agree though).

The only way you can set yourself up for failure is if you lie to people and manipulate the truth.

People can smell BS a mile away and that is one thing the world does not need any more of.

So be Real, Raw and Relevant and let the chips fall where they may.

If you can help one person change their life, then your work is done.