An Action-Packed, Outdoor Health & Fitness Adventure
With Olly Hermon-Taylor and Ryan Naish

The next reset x workshop returns in spring 2017

the reset x live experience returns in spring 2017. 

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The One-Day Reset Workshop is an immersive, day long coaching experience for people who want to take control of their mind, body, health and fitness, and reconnect with Nature.

It's called a Reset, instead of a retreat because we don't want you to run away from your problems.

Instead, we want to help you press the Reset button and take ownership of your life.

Presented by Olly Hermon-Taylor (a.k.a Lean Green Human Being) and Ryan Naish (a.k.a The Modern Nomad) the One-Day Reset Workshop includes the following:

  • One-Day Reset Workshop on 12th November 2016, at Lean Green Human Being HQ, a private, country estate, deep in the heart of the South Downs National Park in Hampshire (09:00 - 17:00)
  • Upgrade Your Mindset - your mind is the most important muscle and weapon you have. Your thoughts create your reality. Learn how to take control of and use your mind, to achieve your goals, be happier and more successful and build the life you want 
  • Eat Like A Human - Real Food coaching, including what to eat and when to eat it for body composition, health and performance, according to the Lean Green Human Being philosophy of natural, sustainable, high-density nutrition
  • Move Like A Human - natural movement coaching designed to help you build better movement patterns, from the ground up for increased strength, power and performance
  • Remote Training Systems - learn how to train anywhere, with minimal equipment and master your body, so that you're always prepared and ready for action
  • Survival Skills - introductory techniques in the Core 4 areas of: Shelter, Fire, Food, Water and basic bushcraft skills
  • Re-Wilding - learn how to unplug from the hectic, digital world, reconnect with Nature and improve your health at the same time
  • Protection - an introduction to self-defense, including: boxing, footwork, striking variations, basic personal protection
  • Organic, locally sourced food and refreshments to keep you fuelled and healthy whilst on the go
  • Private Facebook Group for all participants (value £49.99 per month)

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